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The authors of Sweet Romance Reads are:

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Sweet Romance Reads is a group of 28 authors who write sweet romances in a variety of subgenres. We've banded together to promote our books and create a community for people who enjoy a "sweeter" read.

Ginny Baird – www.ginnybairdromance.com
Beate Boeker – www.happybooks.de
Christine Bush – www.christinebush.com
Lyn Cote – www.BooksbyLynCote.com
Mel Curtis – www.melindacurtis.net
Margaret Dailey – http://margaretdaley.com/
Denise Devine – www.deniseannettedevine.com
Raine English – www.raineenglish.com
Donna Fasano – http://donnafasano.blogspot.com/
Aileen Fish – http://aileenfish.com/
Patricia Forsythe – www.patriciaknoll.com
Grace Greene – www.gracegreene.com
Lois Greiman - www.loisgreiman.com
Shanna Hatfield – http://shannahatfield.com/
Susan R. Hughes – http://susanrhughes.weebly.com/
Julie Jarnagin - www.juliejarnagin.com
Shaleen Kapil – www.shaleenkapil.com
Ciara Knight - www.ciaraknight.com
Milou Koenings – www.miloukoenings.com
Mona Risk – http://monarisk.com/
Karen Rock – www.karenrock.com
Roxanne Rustand – http://roxannerustand.com/
Magdalena Scott – www.magdalenascott.com
Anna Stewart – www.authorannastewart.com
Alicia Street – http://aliciastreet-roystreet.com/
Helen Scott Taylor – www.helenscotttaylor.co.uk
Kristin Wallace – http://kristinwallaceauthor.com/
Merrillee Whren – www.merrilleewhren.com

For more information about Sweet Romance Reads, please visit www.SweetRomanceReads.com