Kinsley King loves her lavish lifestyle as one of Manhattan’s most in-demand real estate brokers. She’s worked hard to get to the top, and she’s not backing down now… But when her favorite aunt bequests her a wildlife sanctuary in the middle of nowhere, she has a tough decision to make: honor her aunt’s last wish or put the property on the market and maintain the life she adores.

Dylan Reese, on the other hand, thinks life off the grid is just about perfect. That is, until the owner of the wildlife sanctuary he manages dies suddenly and leaves the place to her spoiled city-slicker niece. Now he, too, has a choice: leave it all behind or swallow his pride and take orders from a woman who wants no part of this particular commitment.

Sparks fly in this opposites attract sweet romance as Kinsley finds herself falling for the swoon-worthy sanctuary manager, causing her to rethink the no marriage vow she made with her girlfriends, while Dylan wonders how he’s going to keep from losing his heart to the one woman who’s sure to break it.

The No Brides Club is an ongoing multi-author series of stand-alone stories linked by a unifying theme. You'll be sure to love the strong, career-minded heroines found in each book. 

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Emilia Sullivan has a thriving business as one of the top wedding planners in New York City. And she gets to go to work each day with her best friend and twin sister, Lizzy. Life should be good, and it was, but the emptiness she felt at losing her true love just wouldn’t go away. In addition to that, she’s given up on her dream to perform on Broadway. However, she’s made the best of what she’s got. That is until her high school sweetheart walks back into her life, making her question her choices and wonder if opening the door to love would be worth the risk to her heart.

Chase Christianson never got over his first love. The promise he made to her has haunted him. Even being one thousand miles away hasn’t helped erase her memory. As a successful chef, he moves back to New York to open a catering business, never thinking he’d run into her. But fate has a different plan when he agrees to cater the wedding of one of her best clients.

Will Emilia and Chase get a second chance at love? Or do their wounds run too deep? Forced to work together for the sake of their careers, can these two come to terms with the past and rekindle a love that bloomed over a decade ago? Fans of second-chance romance will swoon over this story of forgiveness and a belief that love can be resurrected against all odds.

No Time for Love

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As one of New York City’s most in demand wedding planners, dealing with nervous brides is a daily occurrence for Lizzy Sullivan. However, she nearly reaches her breaking point when a top-model client working across the pond sends someone to check up on Lizzy’s progress with her wedding. Having sworn off men after dating one too many bad apples, Lizzy unwittingly finds herself drawn to the handsome, debonair man sent by her client, and soon questions her decision to join the No Brides Club.

Maximillian Harte is one of Britain’s wealthiest men. He also happens to be a recluse. But when his sister begs him to go to New York City to make sure her wedding is on track, how can he refuse? A widower with an unhappy past, he believes love is out of the question until he meets a brazen wedding planner who shows him it’s never too late for a second chance. However, Maxi is harboring a secret that could jeopardize everything.

Will Maxi have the courage to tell Lizzy the truth about himself and run the risk of losing her forever? Fans of romance will adore this second chance story of coming to terms with the past to love again in the future.

No Time for Intrigue

No Time for Romance

The No Brides Club Series

 When a group of friends make a pact not to let love get in the way of their careers, the No Brides Club is born. But could meeting the right man at the wrong time cause them to break their vows to each other?